Bikini Destination - Turks and Caicos

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Join hostess Lisa Gleave as she introduces you to some of the most beautiful locations and hottest models in the world. They travel to this island chain in the Caribbean for sand, sun, fun, and some hard work posing for the camera in what used to be a pirate paradise but is now a playground for the affluent and beautiful. A scuba diving expedition lead to the discovery of wildlife that is almost as captivating as our beauties. A trip to a local bar leads to a night of great food and wild dancing. Deep sea fishing provides a relaxing escape from the realities of modeling, as does a quick snorkeling trip. A trip to the spa for a serene, ocean view massage and fine dining at a top-notch resort round out this tropical paradise. All of this plus footage of the models' sizzling photo shoots on Bikini Destinations: Turks and Caicos. Established as one of the world's most popular shows featuring beautiful women, top bikini models travel to spectacular distant locales for dramatic photo shoots. High definition cameras are rolling on every detail as the girls do what they do best: look stunning on camera and enjoy the sweet nectar of life.

| 24 min | 6.6/10
Winona Ryder, Christopher Walken, Bill Nighy, Hansel Piper
C. Casey Bennett
Bikini Destination - Turks and Caicos
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