The Designated Mourner

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The Designated Mourner is a futuristic dramatic movie. It is about an oppressive government killing their citizens. Jack and his wife live in the future. The government is oppressive and keeps its citizens in line. Jack has decided to go through life ignoring this situation. His wife cannot and neither can her father. One day his wife and father-in-law are taken by the government for their subversive activities. The government convicts and executes them. Jack is left to deal with the aftermath.

This is a story focused on a couple with very opposite views of how to deal with an oppressive government. Jack must live with a government that executed his wife.

| 1997 | 1 hr 34 min | 6.2/10
Mike Nichols, Miranda Richardson, David de Keyser
David Hare
Produced By
David Hare, Donna Grey
The Designated Mourner
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