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"Well then, goodbye everybody."

Suicide club is a horror film that is uniquely played out in six days. In the first day, fifty-four schoolgirls in their teens committed mass suicide. They ended their lives by jumping in front of a moving train. After that, two nurses also committed suicide by jumping out a high rise building. The interesting part is that the skin was missing from the people who committed suicide. A hacker named Kiyoko notified three detectives about the connection of the suicides. The detectives were named as Kuroda, Shibusawa and Murata.

On the second day, another group of students committed suicide by jumping off a roof. The city begins to panic and searches for the “Suicide Club”

On the third day, the worry of suicide boom hits all over Japan. At that day, Masa committed suicide by jumping off a roof. He hits her girlfriend, Mitsuko, on his way down. Mistsoko was then taken by the police for questioning. The police then discover Mistoko having a butterfly tattoo.

On the fourth day, the Police station received a call from an unnamed boy saying that there will be another mass suicide in the same station platform. The police responded by staking out the platform to prevent another mass suicide. However, there was no mass suicide that happened. Yet, mass suicides were happening all over Japan on a smaller scale.

An individual was caught by a man who calls himself Genesis who’s hiding out in a small bowling alley. While at Genesis’ hideout, Kiyoko managed to notify the authorities of her location. The police then arrested Genesis and proclaimed that the “Suicide Club” was caught.

On the fifth day, Mistoko went to his boyfriend’s place to return a helmet. She then notices a poster of Dessert, a fictional pop group, and seems to recognize a pattern. She received a call from boy and tells her that there is no such thing as the “Suicide Club”. The boy also invites her for a secret concert.

On the sixth day, Mitsuko successfully sneaked into the backstage at the secret concert. She wanders into a stage with a lot of children as an audience. The children asked her a lot of questions. Since the children were impressed by her, she was taken into a room and a piece of skin was shaved off from her, the part with the butterfly tattoo. The end scene was about Mitsuko in the train platform.

| 2001 | 1 hr 39 min | 6.6/10
Ryo Ishibashi, Masatoshi Nagase, Mai Hosho, Tamao Satô
Sion Sono
Produced By
Seiya Kawamata Junichi Tanaka Toshiie Tomida
Suicide Club

Also starring Ryo Ishibashi

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