"Everything You Ever Wanted In A Woman And More... A Lot More!"

Superchick is an American comedy farce and sexual exploitation film that was written by Gary Crutcher and John Burrows. Directed by Ed Forsyth, the film features actors Joyce Jillson, Thomas Reardon, Louis Quinn, Timothy Wayne Brown, Tony Young, John Carradine, Candy Samples and Uschi Digard. The story follows Tara B. True and her lofty travels as a flight attendant with her weekly swinging trips to New York, Los Angeles and Miami. She is living a double life where during the day she is an average professional brunette and at night, a blonde bombshell who is sex-crazed.

She has an open relationship with her gambling boyfriend on the West Coast who has sex with porno actresses like Mary Gavin (played by Candy Samples). He also unfortunately gets mixed up in the activities of the dangerous mob in a payroll ripoff scheme. The local mob also wants to recruit Tara. Since she is a flight attendant, they figure she can help them out immensely so that she can shuttle money and other things from place to place and go unnoticed by the authorities.

Tara also sees an eccentric musician who she meets after two corrupt cops bust a party that they were attending. Also at the party was Mayday (played by Uschi Digard). She is a party girl who also has lesbian designs upon Tara for herself.

Tara also has a boyfriend who is a wealthy doctor in New York with some very serious phobic issues concerning germs. It is such a problem that he engages in an odd type of performance art that consists of half poetry from the Beat generation and what seems to be pillow talk.

Joining the mile high club with a Marine in the airplane restroom, Tara also answers a paper ad for swingers. She later discovers that the ad was written by a perverted old sadomasochistic man named Igor. He lives with his mom and resembles a horror show cast member.

| 1973 | 1 hr 34 min | 3.3/10
Joyce Jillson, Louis Quinn, Thomas Reardon, Tony Young
Ed Forsyth, Edward J. Forsyth
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Also directed by Ed Forsyth, Edward J. Forsyth

Also starring Louis Quinn

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