"Election Night 1979, For One Man The Result Is Already In."
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It is 1979 in Great Britain on the eve of a national election. Police bring in a black man for questioning after his wife is found dead, lying in a pool of blood. He is the chief suspect in the murder of his own wife. He is held on England's highly controversial "Sus Law" or Suspect Law, which allows police great leeway in holding people on little evidence. The drama plays out in a police interrogation room where cops use psychologically brutal measures to wring a confession from their suspect.

2010 | 1 hr 31 min | 6.1/10
Ralph Brown, Clint Dyer, Rafe Spall, Anjela Lauren Smith
Robert Heath
Produced By
Clint Dyer, Robert Heath, Oliver James Ledwith, Robin Mahoney, Jono Smith
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Also directed by Robert Heath