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  • R
  • 1981
  • 5.2  (844)

Tattoo is a 1981 thriller movie directed by Bob Brooks, starring Bruce Dern, Maud Adams, and Leonard Frey. The story follows the character of Karl Kinsky (Dern), a well-known and respected Los Angeles tattoo artist who is obsessed with the work of a 19th-century artist who used to tattoo women's bodies. Kinsky is convinced that he can replicate the designs of the artist on his female customers' skin, and he starts to do exactly that.

The movie begins with Kinsky designing a tattoo for his customer Dianne (Adams), who is attracted to his skill and charm. Kinsky offers Dianne a unique tattoo, one that he claims will be the most memorable tattoo she will ever have. However, the real motive behind this is Kinsky's obsession with replicating the designs of the 19th-century artist.

As the story progresses, Kinsky becomes more and more obsessed with his work, and his behavior becomes increasingly erratic. He starts to stalk his customers, following them around to ensure that his designs are perfect. However, his obsession takes a violent turn when he kidnaps one of his customers and tattoos her entire body with designs that border on sadomasochism.

The police become involved when one of Kinsky's customers reports him to the authorities. The lead detective, Novel (Frey), begins to investigate, but soon finds himself drawn into a world of obsession and addiction. As Novel delves into Kinsky's past, he discovers that the artist's obsession with tattoos may be linked to childhood trauma.

Meanwhile, Dianne becomes increasingly worried about Kinsky's behavior, and she tries to leave him. However, Kinsky is determined to keep Dianne by his side, and he becomes increasingly dangerous as he tries to keep her from leaving him.

The climax of the movie involves Kinsky's final masterpiece, a tattoo that he believes will solidify his legacy as a great artist. This scene highlights the dark and disturbing nature of Kinsky's obsession, and it brings the story to a shocking conclusion.

Tattoo is a well-crafted thriller that explores the darker side of the human psyche. The movie is driven by Bruce Dern's powerful performance as Kinsky, who is both charismatic and deeply disturbed. Maud Adams provides a strong performance as Dianne, who is the object of Kinsky's obsession. The supporting cast, including Leonard Frey as the lead detective, are also excellent.

The movie features a unique and intriguing premise, which explores the fine line between artistic genius and madness. The cinematography is impressive, with the movie's use of light and shadow creating a sense of foreboding throughout.

Overall, Tattoo is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys suspenseful thrillers, and it is a testament to the skill of both the cast and director Bob Brooks. Fans of horror or explicitly violent movies may not enjoy the film, as it is more focused on exploring the psychological aspect of obsession and addiction. Nonetheless, Tattoo is a well-crafted movie that stands the test of time, and it remains a cult classic of the thriller genre.

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