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  • R
  • 1979
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 5.6  (1,330)

'Laura' is a French film ("Les ombres de l'été"), that was released in some English speaking countries with 'Shattered Innocence' as its title. The film makers have stated that the message of the film is an examination of young girl's voyage into "innocence beauty and sensuality." The English language version of 'Laura' tells the story of an infamous artist, sculptor, and photographer by the name of Paul Thomas Wyler (played by James Mitchell) who is well-known for his thick portfolio of photographic erotica and art. From the beginning, it is clear that Paul has a fixation with teen-aged girls, and has become famous for it through his body of work.

One afternoon, while relaxing on the sand by the ocean, Paul spies the form of an attractive 15-year old girl (Dawn Dunlap), rising from the waters in the manner of Botticelli's Venus, and is instantly hooked. Paul takes note of her movements and begins to follow her. First, home where she lives, and then to ballet class where she learns dance. In the process, he discovers that her name is Laura. He also learns that she is the daughter of Sarah, a former flame played by Maud Adams. Sarah is married now, but nevertheless expresses an interest in developing a renewed relationship -- possibly an intimate one with Paul. Alas, Paul is caught up and driven to distraction by his own longings and the novelty of Laura.

Paul wants to create a naked sculpture of Laura, but Sarah will not let her daughter pose nude for him. Instead, she supplies him with photos of Laura. Paul begins work on the sculpture, but loses his eyesight in a fiery accident. Without eyes, he must abandon the project, but Laura intervenes and secretly comes to Paul to inform him that he should finish the sculpture working not from his sense of sight, but from touch.

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    1 hr 35 min
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    5.6  (1,330)