Temptation Island

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  • 1980
  • 1 hr 53 min
  • 6.8  (87)

Temptation Island is a 1980 Filipino romantic-comedy film directed by Joey Gosiengfiao. The film revolves around four couples who travel to the luxurious paradise island of Marinduque to undergo a test of loyalty and fidelity. Each of the couples has been in a long-term relationship and they all feel that they have found their forever partners. However, they are tested when they meet a group of attractive men and women, who are specifically sent to the island to tempt them.

The four couples are composed of the following characters: Edward and Cynthia (played by Ricky Belmonte and Deborah Sun), Joey and Grace (played by Joey Gosiengfiao and Bambi Arambulo), Mark and Maggie (played by Al Tantay and Amara Villanueva), and finally, Carlo and Tina (played by Gabby Concepcion and Dina Bonnevie). The couples were apart, and the ladies were taken to the luxury resort, while the men were brought separately to a different location. The objective of the experiment is to see if the couples are loyal enough to their respective partners, even if they are faced with temptation.

During their stay on Temptation Island, the ladies discussed how their lives were without their male partners. Tina, Carlo's girlfriend, was the most vulnerable and emotional among the four women. She continuously thought about Carlo and couldn't stop herself from crying because of the thought of losing him to temptation. But Tina's visions of Carlo having an extramarital affair were shattered when she found out that Carlo was already with someone else. Apparently, Carlo's real girlfriend was someone else entirely, and he was just acting in the experiment. Tina was devastated, but she learned to move on and find someone else who will love her truly.

The four couples then met the other people who would play a significant role in the test, consisting of four attractive men and four equally gorgeous women. The tempters tried doing everything to seduce them, in different ways. They used various approaches, such as making the four couples indulge in different activities together or alone. They also tried to create different scenarios that would test the strengths and weaknesses of each couple. The tempters seduced each couple in their own unique way, and the audience will find out if the victims of an affair reduced their love with each other or become more devoted and strengthened.

Aside from the many temptations and scandals that the couples face, there is also an underlying backstory that is slowly revealed throughout the film. They discovered that the researcher who hired them to participate in the test has his own hidden agenda. They learned that the researcher's ultimate goal is not to test loyalty and fidelity but to see which couples he could manipulate to grab new outrageous marketing ideas for his company.

The movie ends in a twist that no one saw coming, which compelled the audience to think over what really happened on the island. Temptation Island does not only showcase the flaws in a romantic relationship but also depicts how people's true characters are revealed when put to the test. It is a heartwarming film that tackles infidelity in a comedic and light-hearted manner while retaining the gravity of the situation. It's a classic film that is still relevant to this day. The cinematography of Temptation Island is excellent, with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenery that will put the audience in a dreamy state. The acting is fantastic, and each actor and actress gives justice to their roles.

In conclusion, Temptation Island is an excellent romantic-comedy that everyone should watch. It has a well-written script, perfect cast, and a unique storyline that transcends time. The film weaves a lot of relationships issue, and the cast perfectly portrayed the characters missing the point in their relationships. The breathtaking sceneries transport the audience to a tropical paradise, while the story makes everyone want to think twice before making life-changing decisions. Temptation Island will make you laugh, cry, and ultimately, appreciate the significance of loyalty, trust, and honesty in a relationship.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 53 min
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (87)