Ten Canoes

"Ten canoes, three wives, one hundred and fifty spears...trouble"
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Ten Canoes provides a combination of adventure and drama in this 2006 film about the stories of an Australian indigenous tribe. The movie unfolds when a young boy gets caught up in an adultery crime with his older brother's wife. The narrator in this movie makes it clear that often times stories that circulate around the tribe can often be filled with elaborate and fallacy-filled events. Evil is a common theme in most of these stories but with a particular virtue possessed only by few, havoc can be prevented. Through storytelling, values are taught and balance is restored.

| 2006 | 1 hr 32 min | 7.0/10 | 82/100
Crusoe Kurddal, Jamie Gulpilil, Richard Birrinbirrin, Peter Minygululu
Produced By
Rolf de Heer
Ten Canoes
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