Terror in the Aisles

"It's a cut above the rest."
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"Terror in the Aisles" is a documentary about the evolution of horror on the big screen starting in the 1930s. Through a compilation of clips, viewers see that what scared one's grandparents drastically changed over a few decades. Hosts Donald Pleasence and Nancy Allen orate through scenes. This dynamic duo unveil the various stages and groupings of fear based movies. For example, there's 'sex and terror' as highlighted in "When a Stranger Calls" or 'natural terror' as showcased in "Jaws".

In essence, this film is a walk through American history. This segment, though, includes a few monsters and unexpected disasters.

| 1984 | 1 hr 24 min | 6.5/10
Donald Pleasence, Nancy Allen, Fred Asparagus, Lainie Cooke
Andrew J. Kuehn
Produced By
Andrew J. Kuehn, Stephen Netburn
Terror in the Aisles
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