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"Have a rendezvous with music and gaiety !"
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  • 1941
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That Night in Rio is a captivating musical comedy film from 1941 directed by Irving Cummings. The movie stars Alice Faye, Don Ameche, and Carmen Miranda as the leads in a twisted tale of mistaken identity, romance, and glamour. Fox Film Corporation, now known as 20th Century Fox, produced the film, which starts with a captivating opening scene that depicts the picturesque landscape of Rio de Janeiro. The film was a massive success, and it started a trend of Latin American-based musicals that would come to define the 40s.

The movie centers around Don Ameche's character, Larry Martin, a handsome nightclub performer who falls in love with Faye's character, Baroness Cecilia Duarte, a wealthy woman from an influential family. Martin and the Baroness cross paths on a cruise to Rio when they both spot each other on deck. Martin's charm and smooth tongue win the Baroness over as he wooes her with his singing.

However, unbeknownst to Martin, the Baroness is in love with someone else, an older man named Manuel Duarte. Manuel is a wealthy Brazilian businessman, widely respected and beloved in his city. When the couple arrives in Rio, they go their separate ways, but Martin can't stop thinking about the Baroness.

One day, Martin runs into the Baroness's husband, Arturo, who happens to be Manuel's younger brother. While talking to Arturo, Martin discovers that Manuel is planning to leave for Europe, leaving the Baroness alone in Rio. Desperate to win the Baroness's heart, Martin sees this as his chance to make his move.

Larry Martin comes up with a cunning plan, to impersonate Manuel, the Baroness's lover, and win her heart. The plan almost backfires as the Baroness discovers his true identity. What ensues is a cat and mouse drama as Martin tries to win the love of the Baroness and save his career, with hilarious comedic scenes and lots of singing and dancing.

Carmen Miranda plays the character Carmen, a cabaret singer who works alongside Martin in a Rio nightclub. Her character adds an extra spark to the movie with her infectious singing and dance numbers.

The film showcases the iconic beauty of Rio and the colorful culture of Brazil. The musical numbers include vibrant samba dancing and catchy Brazilian inspired music, performed by Faye, Ameche, and Miranda.

That Night in Rio captures the essence of classic 1940's romantic musicals, complete with big band numbers and star-crossed lovers. The film's plot is simple, but the witty dialogue, the charm of the actors, the gorgeous costumes, and the lush cinematography make it a must-watch classic Hollywood musical.

Alice Faye brings charm and grace to her role as the Baroness, a woman torn between love and status. Her ethereal beauty and angelic voice fit the romantic storyline perfectly. On the other hand, Don Ameche manages to bring both sophistication and comedic timing to his role as Larry Martin. His singing and dancing numbers are delightful and full of energy that makes the film more enjoyable. Carmen Miranda's stage presence is magnetic, and her vivacious personality shines through her musical numbers.

That Night in Rio is a classic Hollywood musical that transports you back in time with its captivating storyline, fun characters, and energetic musical numbers. The film's combination of romance, mistaken identity, and Brazilian culture makes it an enjoyable movie even for those who don't usually watch musicals. It's a must-watch for any classic Hollywood lover, and it serves as an excellent introduction to vintage musicals.

That Night in Rio
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