The Anderson Platoon

"No editorials, no opinions . . . just the real story of the brutal Vietnam War."
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This is a documentary about a platoon of American soldiers who were sent to fight in the Vietnam War. The documentary follows them through six harrowing weeks. It also takes a look at their pasts and the future. In 1966, American soldiers were in Vietnam. They were fighting the communist north and helping to defend the South Vietnamese. This documentary takes an in-depth look at one group of these men. It follows them through the jungle, even into combat.

The focus of this documentary is on the lives of the soldiers. It examines who they were and who they would become.

| 1967 | 1 hr | 7.0/10
Joseph B. Anderson, Stuart Whitman
USA T.C. Coley Jr[citation needed] French Pierre Schoendoerffer
Produced By
Chaba Mehes
The Anderson Platoon
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