The Walking Dead

"Surviving the streets was just a rehearsal."

This film is a deep and unique inside look at the Marines of the 1st Battalion, 9th Marines also known as "The Walking Dead." Branded with the name because of the high casualty rate during the Vietnam War, these Marines reveal their true grit and dedication to one another in this film of sacrifice and heroism. The year is 1972 and the Vietnam war is winding down. The Marines of the 1/9 are sent out on one last mission to evacuate a group of survivors at an abandoned Viet Cong POW camp. The mission is destined for failure when the landing area, previously thought to be inactive, turns out to be a volatile zone where they are engaged in a firefight which leaves only four survivors from the rescue party.

Despite their heavy losses, the four men press on, determined to complete their mission until they are met again with enemy sniper fire and a rogue Marine. With every confrontation, they succeed and move on, ever vigilant in completing the job they were assigned.

However, the setbacks they suffer along the way pale in comparison to what they discover at the end of their operation.

| 1995 | 1 hr 28 min | 4.8/10
Allen Payne, Eddie Griffin, Joe Morton, Vonte Sweet
HBO Video
Preston A. Whitmore II
The Walking Dead
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Also directed by Preston A. Whitmore II

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Walking Dead Trailer 1994|1:37
Walking Dead Trailer 1994|1:37

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