The Arena

"See wild women fight to the death!"

The movie The Arena is mainly focused around a group of woman who have become slaves, located in Brundusium, an Ancient Roman Town. These enslaved woman are then sold to an event organizer, Timarchus, who schedules all of the entertainment at the town's popular Colosseum. However, when a huge fight breaks out between all of the slave girls, it gives Timarchus a brilliant idea to make good money. He decides to force the girls to fight each other at the Colosseum. The catch is that the fight will be to the death. Who will survive these chaotic fights and who will die in front of a crowd of towns people provides the excitement.

1973 | 1 hr 23 min
Margaret Markov, Pam Grier
Steve Carver, Joe D'Amato
Produced By
Roger Corman, Mark Damon
The Arena
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