The Art of Murder

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Elizabeth Sheridan (Joanna Pacula) is living a life of luxury afforded by her very wealthy husband Cole Sheridan (Michael Moriarty). They have a beautiful home on the coast near Seattle where she occupies herself painting the surrounding landscape. Cole, an older drunk, runs a yacht building company that provides their lavish lifestyle. As they say though, money doesn’t buy happiness and Elizabeth begins an affair with Cole’s younger and handsome business partner Tony Blanchard (Boyd Kestner). Tony, a top designer at the firm, and Elizabeth both stand to lose a lot should Cole ever become aware of the affair flourishing between them.

Elizabeth is confronted by a vicious extortionist named Willie (Peter Onorati) who has very compromising pictures of her and Tony together. The blackmailer threatens to give them to Cole if she and Tony decide not to pay up. Even though they agree to pay, things start to get very complicated quickly and Elizabeth is soon overwhelmed with deception and the dangers of trying to satisfy the demands of her extortionist, while still keeping Cole in the dark.

Elizabeth ends up shooting Willie at the first payment drop and then she and Tony try to cover it up by hiding his body in a lake. Curiosity of gets the best of her and she visits his isolated cabin finding more pictures of herself. More than enough pictures to lend itself to obsession, so Elizabeth burns the cabin to the ground.

The plot twists don’t stop there though and eventually Cole finds out about the infidelity and the murder. In an effort to save the marriage he promises to quit drinking, but sobriety doesn’t last and in a drunken rage he beats and then violates his wife. Yet another murder occurs and this time Elizabeth is implicated. Now the race is on to find the real killer and prove her innocence -- this one time.

| 1999 | 1 hr 40 min | 4.6/10
Michael Moriarty, Joanna Pacula, Boyd Kestner, Peter Onorati
Ruben Preuss
The Art of Murder
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Also directed by Ruben Preuss

Also starring Joanna Pacula