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  • R
  • 2009
  • 4.6  (1,093)

The Beacon, released in 2009, is a horror movie directed by Michael Stokes and stars Teri Polo, David Rees Snell, and Elaine Hendrix. The film has a runtime of 98 minutes. The movie takes place in a small town where a couple, Bryn and Paul, move to try and start a new life after the death of their son. Bryn is a writer and Paul is a photographer, and they hope to find inspiration in their new surroundings. They rent an old lighthouse that has been renovated and turned into a home, which they plan to use as their new residence.

However, strange things start happening soon after they move in. Bryn experiences a recurring nightmare where she sees a young boy drowning and being dragged underwater by an unknown force. She starts to see ghosts and hear unexplained sounds around the lighthouse, and it becomes clear that the house has a dark history.

Bryn, who is suffering from depression and anxiety after the loss of her son, starts to become obsessed with uncovering the lighthouse's past. She discovers that it was once a school for disabled children, but it was shut down after a tragedy occurred there. One of the caretakers, who had a mental breakdown, was responsible for the deaths of several children before taking his own life.

Bryn tries to communicate with the spirits of the children she believes are haunting the lighthouse. She becomes convinced that they are trying to tell her something and that she can help them move on.

Paul, on the other hand, remains skeptical of Bryn's claims and believes that her mental health is deteriorating. He tries to get her to seek professional help, but she insists that the ghosts are real and that they need her help.

As the tension between Bryn and Paul escalates and the paranormal activity becomes more violent and dangerous, the couple's relationship is put to the test. They must confront the terrifying truth about the lighthouse's past and find a way to escape the ghostly entity that is haunting them.

Overall, The Beacon is a suspenseful and atmospheric horror film that explores themes of grief, mental illness, and the supernatural. The performances by the lead actors are strong and the cinematography effectively sets the eerie tone. The film's pacing is slow at times, but the payoff is worth the wait for those who enjoy a slow-burning horror movie.

The Beacon
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