The Belly of an Architect

"Art is the food for madness."
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"The Belly of an Architect" is an English language drama from the year 1987. Stourly Kracklite has been hired to construct a Roman exhibition dedicated to Boullée. However, doubts grow over the merit of Boullée's inclusion among famous architects, as Boullée's work was what inspired Hitler's architect. Stourly puts all of his energy into the project, at the cost of his lover and physique, mirroring the fate of Boullée. After learning of Caesar Augustus's death, Stourly blames his wife for his rising fits of stomach pain. Only later does the man discover the truth behind the stabs and jabs within.

| 1987 | 2 hr | 7.0/10
Brian Dennehy, Chloe Webb, Lambert Wilson, Sergio Fantoni
Peter Greenaway
The Belly of an Architect
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