Prophet of Evil: The Ervil LeBaron Story

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  • 1993
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Prophet of Evil: The Ervil LeBaron Story is a thrilling movie from 1993 that recounts the chilling true story of Ervil LeBaron, a notorious cult leader who terrorized his followers and even his own family. The film stars Brian Dennehy as LeBaron, William Devane as former LeBaron follower and eventual FBI informant, and Tracey Needham as LeBaron's daughter who was forced to flee the cult.

The movie opens with a young LeBaron, who is shown as a devout and strict Mormon in Mexico. He becomes disillusioned with the church and begins to form his own religious beliefs, based on bizarre interpretations of the Bible. He attracts a small following of like-minded individuals, including his own brother, Joel, and begins to establish his own cult.

As the cult grows, LeBaron becomes increasingly paranoid and violent, believing that he is a prophet chosen by God to do His work. He begins to order the deaths of those he deems to be enemies, including former members of his organization and even family members who have defied him.

The story is told from the perspective of LeBaron's daughter, who is forced to escape from the cult with her own children. She is pursued by LeBaron's followers, who are intent on killing her and her family in order to prevent them from revealing any information that could incriminate LeBaron. She finally turns to the FBI for help and becomes a key witness in their case against LeBaron.

The tension never lets up throughout the movie, as LeBaron's followers carry out his violent orders with a chilling sense of conviction. Brian Dennehy delivers a truly terrifying performance as the infamous cult leader, capturing both his charismatic charm and his chilling madness. William Devane also shines as the former follower who is torn between his loyalty to the cult and his conscience.

The movie does an excellent job of depicting the psychological hold that cult leaders have over their followers, as well as the devastating consequences that can result from blind obedience. It also sheds light on the often-overlooked issue of cults in America, which continue to be a serious threat to countless individuals and families.

Overall, Prophet of Evil: The Ervil LeBaron Story is a gripping and expertly crafted movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. With great performances and a powerful message, it is a must-see for anyone interested in true crime or the dangers of cults.

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