The Boundary

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  • 2009
  • 12 min
  • 7.1  (34)

The movie The Boundary from 2008 is a drama that explores the complex relationships between human beings and the boundaries that they create. The movie revolves around the life of Susan (Jacqueline Antaramian), a successful real estate agent who lives in New York City. Susan is the epitome of success- she has a high-paying job, a beautiful house, and a handsome husband. But deep down, she feels empty and unfulfilled.

Susan's life takes a turn when she meets Bruce (Walter DeForest), a homeless man who is a regular on the streets that she passes every day on her way to work. Susan is intrigued by Bruce and decides to get to know him. She buys him lunch, talks to him, and listens to his stories about his life. Bruce teaches Susan about the power of empathy, and as they spend more time together, she realizes that her life has been missing something important.

Susan's world is further complicated when she meets Juliet (Juliet DePaula), a young artist who is struggling to find her place in the world. Juliet is drawn to Susan and her glamorous lifestyle but is also wary of her. Susan, on the other hand, sees something in Juliet that reminds her of herself when she was younger. The two women become close, and their relationship becomes one of the central plot points of the movie.

The movie explores many themes, including the human need for connection, the impact of societal boundaries on individual lives, and the struggle to find meaning and purpose in life. It delves into the complexities of human relationships and the ways in which people can come together despite their differences.

Jacqueline Antaramian delivers a standout performance as Susan. She portrays the character's journey from a cold and distant career woman to a compassionate and empathetic human being with grace and nuance. Walter DeForest is equally impressive as Bruce, bringing depth and authenticity to the character. Juliet DePaula also shines as Juliet, capturing the character's vulnerability and longing to find her place in the world.

The cinematography in The Boundary is stunning, with breathtaking shots of New York City that capture both its beauty and its grittiness. The movie is also notable for its score, which is haunting and atmospheric, adding to the film's overall sense of melancholy and introspection.

Overall, The Boundary is a thought-provoking and poignant film that explores some of the most profound questions of human existence. Its message of empathy and compassion is universal and resonant, making it a must-watch for anyone looking for a movie that will stay with them long after the credits roll.

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