The Brown Bunny

"I'm not going to be okay, Bud."

The film entitled Brown Bunny is about the adventures of Bud Clay. Bud who is renowned motorcycle racer. After taking part in a race recently he embarks on a cross country drive all alone in preparation for an upcoming racing competition in California. However, all through the journey he can’t stop thinking about Daisy. Daisy is a young lady he used to date and was so much in love with. He had broken up with her but realized he still has feelings for her.

While on his adventurous ride he comes across three different women with whom he tries to establish a relationship with but fails to do so with any of them. The first lady he meets at a filling station is Violet who she convinces to accompany him in his ride to California. Violet accepts and they drive all the way to Violet’s house. As Violet enters the house to get her clothes and other things, Bud drives off leaving her behind. The next lady he meets is Daisy a girl who used to be neighbors with Bud. Bud meets Daisy’s mother who has forgotten about Bud and cannot even recognize him.

Bud later stops at a pet store to inquire about rabbits where he meets Lilly. He finds Lilly grieving and consoles her. He leaves Lilly in the store but as he drives off he keeps thinking about her and cries along. He gets to Las Vegas and meets another lady known as Rose with whom he has lunch with, pays her and drives off.

While in Los Angeles he goes over to Daisy’s house and is about to leave her a note when Daisy shows up. They both go inside the house and after a series of arguments they reconcile. They talk about their past challenges and experiences and each made clarifications about what had happened and why. Bud leaves Daisy’s house the next day and continues on his trip to California.

He finally gets to his destination in California.

| 2003 | 1 hr 33 min | 5.0/10 | 51/100
Vincent Gallo, Chloë Sevigny, Cheryl Tiegs, Elizabeth Blake
Wellspring Media
Vincent Gallo
The Brown Bunny
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Also directed by Vincent Gallo

Also starring Vincent Gallo

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