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"Children of Ice And Darkness! They Are the Lurking Unseen Evil You Dare Not Face Alone!"
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  • 1962
  • 1 hr 36 min
  • 6.6  (3,749)
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The Damned is a British black and white horror film directed by Joseph Losey and released in 1962. The movie follows the story of Simon Wells, a wealthy American industrialist portrayed by Macdonald Carey, who is visiting a small coastal town in England with his teenage daughter Joan, played by teenager Shirley Anne Field. Simon is an egotistical capitalist looking for a seaside location to build a nuclear power plant and create a new source of energy, while Joan is a rebellious teenager who is fascinated by everything that her father is trying to destroy.

During their stay in the town, Simon meets a group of strange and mysterious people who turn out to be Nazis who have been hiding out in a nearby bunker ever since the end of World War II. The Nazis are led by the beautiful but cold Maria von Kurtz, portrayed by Swedish actress Viveca Lindfors. The Nazis are experimenting with radioactive material in an attempt to build a new race, and they see Simon and his daughter as perfect test subjects for their twisted experiments.

The Damned is a slow-burning movie that builds tension with each passing scene. The film focuses on the psychology of the characters and their relationships rather than relying on cheap horror tricks. The camera work is exceptional, with many close-ups and shots that highlight the fear and paranoia of the characters. The film is shot in black and white which gives it a gritty and ominous tone, further enhancing the overall sense of dread and threat in the plot.

The acting in The Damned is strong, with the main leads delivering convincing performances. Macdonald Carey plays Simon Wells as a confident, assured man who is out of his element when he comes face to face with the Nazis. Shirley Anne Field is excellent as Joan, who is initially portrayed as rebellious and carefree but slowly becomes more and more frightened as she realizes the true nature of the Nazis. Viveca Lindfors is also excellent in her role as the power-hungry Maria, who is willing to do whatever it takes to bring her vision of a new world to fruition.

The film also features a memorable score by composer James Bernard, with many unsettling and brooding musical cues that add to the sense of unease in the film. In addition, the use of sound effects such as clanking chains and dripping water is also effective in creating a creepy atmosphere.

Overall, The Damned is a well-crafted horror movie that will leave audiences on edge until the final credits roll. The film explores some complex themes such as science vs. morality, the danger of unchecked power, and the consequences of war. While it may not be considered a classic in the horror genre, The Damned is definitely a film that should be seen by fans of suspenseful cinema.

The Damned
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