The Dream Machine

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The Dream Machine is an action crime movie with a comedy twist. A man receives a very unexpected gift. When a rich woman disappoints a man named Davis she decides to give him a gift. She gives him her husband's Porsche. This is her way of punishing her husband for being unfaithful. The problem with the gift is that the woman's husband is in the trunk. He is dead and the killer is looking for the body. Davis must now avoid the killer and figure out what to do about the dead husband.

Gifts can be very nice to get. Sometimes these gifts are very unexpected.

1991 | 1 hr 22 min
Corey Haim, Brittney Lewis, Randall England, Tracy Fraim, Evan Richards
Lyman Dayton
Produced By
Lyman Dayton, Eric R. Epperson, Michael Wuergler
The Dream Machine
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