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"a drama with balls that's unafraid to show heart and soul"
  • 2007
  • 1 hr 36 min
  • 6.9  (316)

The Final Winter is a 2007 Australian psychological thriller directed by Brian Andrews and Jane Forrest. The film stars Matt Nable, Nathaniel Dean, and Matthew Johns. The movie revolves around a group of oil workers who are stationed in the remote and icy wilderness of Northern Alaska. The harsh, isolated environment and constant danger of the job make for a tense and volatile working environment.

The story begins with a team of geologists led by Adam (Matt Nable). They are exploring the desolate and icy terrain in search of oil reserves. Tensions mount when they discover a potentially massive oil deposit, which is located on sacred Native American land.

The workers soon realize that their discovery could not only destroy the traditional way of life for the indigenous people, but also give them access to billions of dollars worth of oil. Matters escalate when the team discovers an abandoned research station which previously housed the anthropologists who studied the native community. They find eerie and unsettling research documents, including some which suggest evidence of cannibalism.

As winter approaches, the workers start to experience increasingly intense psychological effects, compounded by sleep deprivation and the extreme weather conditions. Adam and his fellow workers begin to descend into paranoia, fear, and suspicion. The film takes the audience on a nail-biting journey as the workers' suspicions build and they become increasingly fractured, each second-guessing and mistrusting each other as they battle the elements.

The Final Winter is a brooding and atmospheric thriller, which explores themes of greed, fear, and human nature. The movie balances tension and character development well, building a haunting sense of impending doom throughout. The cinematography is stunning, with the desolate and unforgiving landscape adding depth and realism to the story.

The actors all give strong performances, and the cast is well-balanced, with each character bringing their own unique perspective to the story. Matt Nable shines as the leader of the group, whose obsession with finding oil leads to disastrous results.

Nathaniel Dean delivers a standout performance as disgraced scientist and member of the research team, John Davis. Johns plays Dobbs, the rough and tough worker who refuses to go down without a fight. Both actors deliver authentic and nuanced performances that add depth and realism to their characters.

The pacing of the film is gradual and deliberate, as the tension and suspense build. While some viewers may find the story to be slow-moving, the gradual pace of the movie allows the audience to become immersed in the world and characters of the film. The setting is a character in itself, as the harsh Alaskan winter becomes increasingly oppressive and traumatizing throughout the movie.

The Final Winter is a thought-provoking thriller, which explores concepts that are as relevant today as they were when the film was first released in 2007. The film is an intense, brooding, and well-crafted exploration of the human condition, marked by strong performances, stunning visuals, and genuine suspense. For fans of slow-burning, psychological thrillers, The Final Winter is definitely worth checking out.

The Final Winter
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    6.9  (316)