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  • 1944
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The Girl Who Dared is a World War II drama that follows the story of Maria Hartwig, a young woman who is determined to fight against the Nazi regime that has taken over her home country of Austria. The movie was released in 1944 and stars Lorna Gray as Maria, Peter Cookson as Michael Russell, and Grant Withers as Franz von Benda, the brutal Gestapo agent who is determined to crush any resistance to the Nazi occupation.

The film opens with a scene of Maria and her family living in Vienna, Austria in 1938. Austria has just been annexed by Nazi Germany, and the family is struggling to cope with the new order. Maria's father, a newspaper editor, is arrested and sent to a concentration camp, while Maria herself becomes involved with the Austrian Resistance movement. Her involvement puts her in danger, as the Gestapo is cracking down on anyone suspected of being involved in resistance activities.

Maria meets Michael Russell, an American journalist who is sympathetic to the Austrian cause, and the two begin a romantic relationship. As they work together to gather information and help those who are being persecuted by the Nazis, Maria becomes more and more determined to take action against the oppressors.

The tension in the film ramps up when Maria is betrayed by one of her fellow resistance members, who reveals her name to the Gestapo. She is captured by Franz von Benda, who orders her to reveal the names of her fellow resistance fighters. Maria refuses, and is subjected to cruel and brutal torture in an attempt to force her to talk.

Throughout the film, the audience sees the horrific reality of life under the Nazi regime, as Maria witnesses friends and neighbors being taken away to concentration camps, and experiences first-hand the brutality of the Gestapo. However, Maria never gives up her belief that she can make a difference, and her bravery and determination inspire those around her to continue fighting against the Nazis.

The Girl Who Dared is a gripping and emotionally charged film that showcases the horrors of the Nazi regime, while at the same time highlighting the bravery and resilience of those who fought against it. The performances of the main actors are all excellent, with Lorna Gray giving a particularly powerful portrayal of Maria as a strong and courageous woman who refuses to be broken by the viciousness of the Nazi regime.

Overall, The Girl Who Dared is a must-see film for anyone interested in the history of World War II, and is a powerful reminder of the bravery and resilience of those who stood up against oppression and fought for freedom.

The Girl Who Dared
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