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  • 2013
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 3.9  (2,361)

The Harry Hill Movie is a British comedy film from 2013, directed by Steve Bendelack, and starring Harry Hill, Julie Walters, and Johnny Vegas. The movie's plot revolves around Harry Hill, a quirky and eccentric character, who sets out on a road trip with his pet hamster to Blackpool to save his grandmother's house from being destroyed by developers.

The movie starts with a nostalgic and whimsical opening sequence that captures the tone of the film. Harry introduces himself and tells us about his family, his childhood memories, and his love for hamsters. His grandmother, played by Julie Walters, is the only one who truly understands him, and he is devastated to learn that she might lose her house unless she can come up with a substantial amount of money to pay off her debt.

Determined to help his beloved grandmother, Harry decides to take matters into his own hands and travel to Blackpool to participate in a talent show that promises a cash prize of ten thousand pounds. But things don't go according to plan when he discovers that the show is a scam, and he ends up stranded with his hamster in the middle of nowhere.

The comedy in The Harry Hill Movie relies heavily on slapstick humor, absurd situations, and puns. The movie's visual style is reminiscent of Harry's previous work as a TV presenter, with cartoonish animations, surreal special effects, and exaggerated facial expressions. Harry's acting is playful and engaging, and he uses his trademark wit and irreverence to make fun of himself and the conventions of the genre.

Along the way, Harry meets a cast of quirky characters who add to the movie's eccentricity. Johnny Vegas plays Harry's long-lost twin brother Otto, who runs a rundown amusement park in Blackpool, and is also being threatened with eviction. Otto's girlfriend, played by Sheridan Smith, is a stripper who Harry mistakes for a love interest. Simon Bird, Matt Lucas, and Julie Walters all make cameo appearances as various oddball characters.

The Harry Hill Movie is a lighthearted and charming comedy that will appeal to fans of Harry Hill's TV shows and stand-up performances. It's a feel-good movie that doesn't take itself too seriously, and it's impossible not to root for Harry and his hamster as they try to save their family's home. The film's colorful and imaginative visuals, silly jokes, and silly characters make it a fun and entertaining ride.

Overall, The Harry Hill Movie is a movie that will make you both laugh and smile. It's not a groundbreaking or innovative film, but it's delightful and enjoyable. The movie's message about the power of family and friendship is heartwarming, and it's a reminder that sometimes all it takes to brighten up someone's day is a bit of silliness and humor.

The Harry Hill Movie
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    1 hr 28 min
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    3.9  (2,361)