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  • 1958
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The Haunted Strangler is a classic horror film from 1958 that stars the legendary Boris Karloff, Anthony Dawson, and Jean Kent. Directed by Robert Day, the movie tells the story of a series of murders that are haunting a London neighborhood in the 19th century, and the manhunt to find the killer responsible. The film starts off with a young woman, one of many potential victims, being brutally strangled and left for dead. The authorities quickly label the killer as "The Haymarket Strangler," as all the murders take place around the Haymarket area. The police, led by Inspector Venn (played by Dawson), are relentlessly searching for the killer but are unable to find any leads.

Meanwhile, a journalist named James Rankin (played by Karloff) decides to take up the case on his own. Rankin has a personal interest in the killer's identity, as he believes that the man currently on death row for the crimes, a man named Edward Shoebridge, is innocent. Despite overwhelming evidence against Shoebridge, Rankin is convinced that the real murderer is still on the loose.

The rest of the film focuses on Rankin's efforts to track down the true killer, as well as the many obstacles that he faces along the way. As the body count continues to rise, Rankin's determination only grows stronger. But as he gets closer and closer to finding the killer, he realizes that the case is far more complicated than he initially thought.

The Haunted Strangler is more than just a simple who-done-it movie. At its core, it is a character study of the people involved in the case, as well as a psychological thriller. Karloff's performance as Rankin is particularly noteworthy, as he portrays a man consumed by his obsession with the case. He becomes more and more unhinged as the movie progresses, and his descent into madness is both terrifying and heartbreaking.

The film's cinematography is also impressive, especially during the scenes where the killer strikes. The camera work is creative, and the use of shadows and light adds an extra layer of suspense to the already tense moments. The sets and costumes are also noteworthy, as they transport the audience back to the 19th century and give the film an authentic feel.

One of the film's strongest aspects is its sense of mystery. The audience is kept guessing as to who the killer could be, with many red herrings thrown in to keep them on their toes. The final twist is unexpected and satisfying, and it ties up all the loose ends in a neat and satisfying way.

Overall, The Haunted Strangler is a well-crafted horror film that still holds up today. It's clear why it has become a cult classic, with its moody atmosphere, memorable characters, and intricate plot. It's a must-watch for fans of the genre, especially those who appreciate a good old-fashioned murder mystery.

The Haunted Strangler is a 1958 horror movie with a runtime of 1 minute. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.2.

The Haunted Strangler
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