The Man with Bogart's Face

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"The face may be familiar. The mystery is brand new."
  • PG
  • 1980
  • 1 hr 46 min
  • 6.2  (641)

In the year 1980, the movie "The Man with Bogart's Face" was released. The film, set in Los Angeles in the 1970s, follows the tale of a plastic surgeon named Dr. Elliot Litvak, played by Robert Sacchi, who is an enormous fan of the legendary actor Humphrey Bogart. The narrative revolves around Litvak's fascination for Bogart and how it leads him to an extraordinary adventure.

Dr. Litvak is a man fascinated by persona and character. He spends his nights reading several books and watching movies of Bogart to an obsessive degree. He is so obsessed with Bogart that he even tries to mold his face to look like that of his favorite actor. His love for Bogart drives him to such an extent that he decides to go under the knife to copy Bogart's facial features.

After a botched job, Litvak's face is left disfigured, and the world of plastic surgery shuns him. With no options left, Dr. Litvak devises a new way to utilize his newfound appearance by becoming a private investigator. His resemblance to Bogart made him a perfect fit for such a job. Soon, he embarks on a new adventure that leads him to an unexpected path.

One day, a mysterious woman named Arlene, played by Michelle Phillips, visits Dr. Litvak's house and asks him to investigate an ongoing case. She enlists his help to find the missing husband of one of her friends, who happens to be a wealthy and influential individual named Mr. Rupert. Arlene gives Dr. Litvak the necessary information and leaves.

After taking on the case, Dr. Litvak begins his investigation and starts to encounter several challenges. Along the way, he meets numerous individuals who are part of the conspiracy, including a woman named Carol, played by Misty Rowe, who takes a liking to him.

Throughout his journey, Dr. Litvak incorporates several of Bogart's famous catchphrases and mannerisms into his personality. This act eventually gets him embroiled in a battle of wits with those he's investigating. As he progresses, he becomes more and more obsessed with the case, just like his obsession with Bogart. He even starts to imagine visions of Bogart around him, guiding him through his mission.

The pacing of the movie is brilliant and keeps the audience engaged throughout, with a mix of suspense, humor and action. Robert Sacchi delivers an excellent performance as Dr. Litvak, bringing together elements of romanticism, mystery and humour in equal measures. The formidable Franco Nero, who plays the movie's antagonist, adds an opposing force to the mix, creating an excellent dynamic.

Overall, "The Man with Bogart's Face" is a thrilling film that pays homage to Humphrey Bogart in a creative and imaginative way. It's a must-watch for movie lovers, with great acting, an intriguing plot, and a laser-targeted fusion of genres.

The Man with Bogart's Face
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