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"Help isn't coming."

The original Hills Have Eyes was made in 1977 and was directed by Horror genre master Wes Craven and starred Michael Berryman who starred in many successful horror films including The Devil’s Rejects and the Academy Award winning One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. The Hills Have Eyes part two starts off with a summary of the first Hills Have Eyes. The information tells the story of the Carter family that took a wrong turn into the desert and drove deep into the military area known as Sector 16. The family went through pure hell in the twenty- four hours they spent in the desert.

The opening sequences show the New Mexico desert expansion and mutants who survived the first film with the woman who was captured and made to breed their mutant children. Papa Hades tears the baby from her and they quickly dispose of her when Papa Hades caves in the lady’s head with a nearby rock.

While a team of National Guard members are an their way to deliver supplies to a group of scientists working in the hills for the Department of Defense, Letch, a mutant from the surviving family, attacks the scientists.

The group of reservists finds the area abandoned. The sergeant organizes a rescue mission immediately after picking up a faint distress signal from the radio operator. The search team leaves Napoleon and Amber behind in case someone returns. The team stumbles upon the disfigured bodies of the scientists in the hills. The remaining team members Amber and Napoleon find a dying scientist and begin to search for the group.

One by one, the reservists are being picked off by the mutants. They finally find their commanding officer who is going crazy from what has transpired. He tells them that the mutants are looking to capture the women for breeding and will kill off any man that gets in their way. He can’t take the horrors that he had seen and commits suicide.

With little gear left on them, the team must find another way to the bottom of the mountain. Reservist Missy is taken while she is going to the bathroom, by Chameleon, a mutant. In the ensuing fight, some of the reservists are killed along with a few mutants.

The team wonders the mines until finding a friendly mutant and he shows them the way out. Amber tells the group that they need to find Missy. They find her and fight Papa Hades who is killed by the combination of Napoleon, Amber, and Missy after a brutal struggle.

As the trio climb out of the mine and onto the empty desert, a thermo-scan catches them on a laptop screen and a misshapen hand slams the laptop closed. It is suggested that the team doesn’t make it out alive and at least one of the mutants survived.

| 2007 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.1/10 | 32/100
Cécile Breccia, Michael Bailey Smith, Archie Kao, Jay Acovone
Fox Atomic
Martin Weisz

Also directed by Martin Weisz

Also starring Michael Bailey Smith

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