The Hunters

"For centuries, a secret organization has protected the world's treasures... Meet the next generation."
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After Paxton and Tripp Flynn's parents go missing, they find out that their parents were actually guardians of powerful ancient artifacts described in fairy tales. Carter and Jordyn Flynn travel around the world protecting powerful fairy tale artifacts. Carter and Jordyn are part of a secret society called The Hunters that prevent these fairy tale artifacts from falling into the wrong hands. Carter and Jordyn love their jobs, and are passionate about it. However, they want to protect their two sons just as much. But when they are captured, Paxton and Tripp are forced into the business of protecting and saving not only the artifacts, but their parents. The villain, Krugen, is after the magic mirror used by Snow White that can grant wishes. The boys are tricked by a former hunter and friend, Mason. The two brothers must find a way to stop Krugen and Mason and their evil plot, and save their parents.

| 2013 | | 5.0/10
Victor Garber, Michelle Forbes, Alexa PenaVega, Robbie Amell
The Hunters
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Also starring Victor Garber