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  • 1974
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 6.2  (914)

The infernal Trio from 1974 is a French-German film directed by Francis Girod. This movie is a dark and intriguing story about three characters who are driven together by fate and their desires. The film is based on the novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette and showcases amazing performances by Michel Piccoli, Romy Schneider, and Mascha Gonska.

Michel Piccoli plays Alexandre Dupré, a literate man of considerable intellect but little moral scruple. Alexandre is a washed-up journalist who has been living a meagre existence due to his addiction to alcohol and gambling. One day, Alexandre crosses paths with the wealthy and potentially dangerous businessman Georges Gassot (Mascha Gonska) and his beautiful wife Hélène (Romy Schneider). Georges Gassot involves Alexandre in a scheme to fool the authorities, and from that moment on, the three characters become part of a complex and dangerous game.

The Infernal Trio is a slow-burning movie that gradually reveals more about the motivations and intentions of each character. As the tension steadily increases, the audience discovers that the three leads are each individually struggling with problems that are beyond their control, and are unwittingly drawn into a criminal scheme. Mascha Gonska's Georges Gassot is a proud and unrepentant player in the dangerous game they are playing, while Romy Schneider's Hélène is trapped in a life of opulence and trapped by her husband's violent tendencies. Meanwhile, Michel Piccoli's Alexandre is looking for one last chance at redemption but he hides a darker past.

Throughout the movie, Girod’s camera lingers on the actors, capturing their expressions and breathing life into their characters. The excellent interplay between the three leads ensures that the audience remains engaged throughout the film. Each character possesses an element of unpredictability, which keeps the audience guessing about what is to come.

The film is also notable for its distinctive visual style. Shot in a brooding style that characterizes its bleak tone, The Infernal Trio from 1974 represents the best of mid-70s European cinema. As darkness encroaches upon the trio, the story takes on an eerie quality that is both captivating and terrifying.

The Infernal Trio from 1974 is a movie that explores the connection between fate, violence, and morality. It is a dark and unsettling film which, despite its slow pace, will leave an indelible impact on any viewer. The film paints a bleak portrait of modern life, examining the ways in which greed and desperation can corrupt even the most intelligent and capable individuals.

Overall, The Infernal Trio from 1974 is a masterpiece of French and German cinema. It is a movie that leaves an impression and is still being talked about by cinephiles around the globe. The film draws upon the natural talents of its actors, visionary direction, and an unwavering writing style to deliver a gripping and thought-provoking tale of deceit and betrayal. If you have yet to see The Infernal Trio from 1974, you are missing out on a cinematic gem.

The infernal Trio
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    1 hr 40 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (914)