The Irrefutable Truth about Demons

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"Hell is real."
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  • 2001
  • 5.4  (1,459)

The Irrefutable Truth about Demons is a horror film released in 2000, directed by Glenn Standring. It stars Karl Urban as Harry Ballard, the protagonist, Katie Wolfe as Lucy, and Jonathon Hendry as Father Karras. The story takes place in modern-day Auckland, New Zealand, where Harry Ballard, a cynical anthropology student, is conducting research on the occult. Ballard believes that demons are just a figment of people's imaginations and that they do not exist in reality. However, after attending a lecture by a famous exorcist, Father Karras, Ballard starts to have doubts.

Ballard and his girlfriend, Lucy, stumble upon an old manuscript that details the hidden history of the city of Auckland. The manuscript reveals that demons have been dwelling in Auckland for centuries and that they are responsible for numerous unexplained disappearances and deaths.

As Ballard delves deeper into his research, he begins to experience terrifying phenomena. He starts to see demons and other supernatural entities that he previously thought were imaginary. However, his encounters with these entities are not all in his head, and soon he finds himself in grave danger.

To save himself and Lucy, Ballard must team up with Father Karras, the exorcist, who has been fighting these demons for years. Together, they try to unravel the mystery of the evil that plagues Auckland and find a way to defeat it.

Throughout the movie, the tension builds steadily, as Ballard and Lucy find themselves drawn into a world they never thought was real. The film is gripping and intense, with horror elements executed to perfection. The acting is outstanding, with Karl Urban delivering a stellar performance as the skeptical Ballard.

The setting, Auckland, with its creepy old buildings and dark alleyways, adds to the overall atmosphere of the film. The director does an excellent job of immersing the audience in the story and keeping them on the edge of their seats throughout.

The Irrefutable Truth about Demons is a unique and well-crafted horror film that is sure to satisfy fans of the genre. It combines elements of folklore, mythology, and modern-day horror to create a gripping and chilling tale. Despite its age, the movie still holds up, and its themes are still relevant today.

The Irrefutable Truth about Demons
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