The L-Shaped Room

"Sex is not a forbidden word"

This British drama tells the story of Jane Fossett, a 27-year-old French woman, who moves into an L-shaped room inside a London boarding house. Like each of the other residents inside this rooming house, she feels like a social outsider. Jane is pregnant, and when the doctor presents her with the option of either marrying the father or an abortion, she makes up her mind to keep the baby. Her romance with another tenant, Toby, is frustrated when he discovers she is expecting. Other residents help her when she is in labor, with Jane returning to France when baby arrives.

| 1962 | 2 hr 6 min | 7.4/10
Leslie Caron, Anthony Booth, Avis Bunnage, Patricia Phoenix
Bryan Forbes
The L-Shaped Room
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Leslie Caron on The L-Shaped Room | BFI|21:39
Leslie Caron on The L-Shaped Room | BFI|21:39