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"Dwarfing the mightiest! Towering over the greatest!"

Zulu is based on a historical battle fought between the Zulu and British forces on a small mission called Rorke's Drift. In the film a garrison of small British troops and colonials prepare to defend themselves against a massive Zulu attack. The Zulu have just defeated a large army of British troops and are now coming to destroy the 150 odd men in the small mission. A British officer, Lt. John Chard, of the Royal Engineers is determined to stand his ground and repel the Zulus. The other officer, Lt. Gonville Bromhead, does not want to defend the mission, but would rather go out and fight them on their ground.

After a brief discussion Lt. Chard wins and they will do what he says. He takes command and starts setting up the defenses. As they are getting ready to fight to the last man, a priest comes and causes trouble that hurts their chances for success. The British officers need to deal with him so that they can concentrate on the battle ahead. Even the sick and wounded are called to the fight. Even Pvt. Henry Hook, who tries to avoid all kinds of labor, is called into action. This character is unwilling to fight until he sees the reality of what is at stake. Their chances are slim, but they have better weapons than the Zulu. This advantage seems insignificant once the hills above the mission fill from side to side with Zulu. These Zulu warriors number in the thousands.

These men are in a remote location surrounded by a destructive force that is about to smash them to bits. The scene when the Zulus appear shows an impressive view of the surroundings and the scale of the danger that these British officers have in front of them. This film is accurate in its depiction of the real event that happened to the British garrison, where after the battle many of the men got medals and commendations.

| 1964 | 2 hr 19 min | 7.8/10 | 77/100
Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins, Ulla Jacobsson, James Booth
Cy Endfield

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