The Last Lions

"The Most Powerful Force In Nature Is A Mother's Love"
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The Last Lions is a documentary created by the award-winning Joubert couple, Dereck and Beverly, from Botswana. The movie is narrated by Jeremy Irons. The Last Lions was made by the National Geographic Society and showcases the devastating struggles African lions face today, discusses what is causing their demise, and what we can do to protect them for every generation to come.

Ma di Tau ("Mother of Lions"), a lioness from the Botswana's Okavango Delta, is seen struggling to protect her cubs from various obstacles thrown her way. Due to lack of space from human development Ma di Tau has no choice but to travel with her cubs through another prides territory and must fight with other lions on her way through, and in the struggle loses her mate. The resilient Ma Di Tau also encounters a raging fire, crocodile infested waters, and herds of water buffalo. She ends up on an island with her cubs and struggles to kill a water buffalo before her and her cubs starve to death. The task proves to be no easy feat for her and maneuvering around their sharp horns is a dangerous task in itself.

The lion population in Africa has gone from 450,000 to 20,000 in 50 years, and there is little to no laws protecting the giant cats. The movie pinpoints poaching as the primary threat to not only lions, but all big cats, but does not discount human development as having a large roll in their demise as well. The Jouberts stress the importance of taking action to protect the lions. And since lions are at the top of the food chain they stress what a negative effect their disappearance would have on the other wildlife. The film provides information on ways to help out the cause they are promoting for viewers that are interested in learning more or supporting the cause.

| 2011 | 1 hr 28 min | 8.3/10 | 69/100
Jeremy Irons
Dereck Joubert
The Last Lions
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