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"The comedy that fools around a lot!"
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  • 1980
  • 5.4  (727)

The Last Married Couple in America is a comedy-drama film from 1980 directed by Gilbert Cates, and starring George Segal, Natalie Wood, and Richard Benjamin. The film tells the story of Jeff and Mari Thompson, a married couple who seem to have it all. Jeff is a successful advertising executive, while Mari is a stay-at-home mom to their two children. However, as the pressures of modern life start to take their toll on the Thompsons, the couple begins to question whether or not their marriage is worth saving.

The film opens with Jeff and Mari attending a friend's wedding. As they watch the happy couple exchange vows, they can't help but feel a sense of longing for the days when they were that in love. However, as soon as they leave the wedding, Jeff gets a call from his boss, reminding him of an important meeting he has to attend the next day. Mari is disappointed that they won't be able to spend the evening together, but Jeff feels that he needs to put his job first.

Throughout the film, the Thompsons struggle to balance their careers and family life. Jeff's job is demanding, and he often works late hours or travels out of town for business. Meanwhile, Mari feels trapped in her role as a homemaker and resents the fact that Jeff doesn't seem to value her contributions to the family. She's also dealing with the fact that their kids are growing up and no longer need her as much as they used to.

As the tensions between Jeff and Mari mount, they each turn to their friends for support. Jeff becomes close with Walter, another advertising executive who's in the midst of a divorce, while Mari confides in her friend Claudia, who's having an affair with a married man. However, these outside influences only seem to exacerbate the Thompsons' problems, and they begin to wonder if they're better off apart.

Ultimately, The Last Married Couple in America is a nuanced exploration of the complexities of modern marriage. It's not a simplistic sitcom-style comedy, but neither is it a heavy-handed drama. The film manages to strike a balance between humor and seriousness, and it features strong performances from its talented cast. George Segal is particularly good as Jeff, bringing both charm and vulnerability to the role. Natalie Wood is also excellent as Mari, conveying the character's frustration and sadness with subtlety and nuance.

One of the film's strengths is its realistic portrayal of marriage. Jeff and Mari aren't caricatures or stereotypes; they're fully realized characters with flaws and weaknesses. They're relatable and sympathetic, even when they're making questionable choices. The Last Married Couple in America recognizes that marriage is difficult, but it also suggests that it's worth fighting for.

The film also explores some of the societal pressures that contribute to marital dissatisfaction. Jeff and Mari are both products of their time, and they're grappling with the changing gender roles and sexual mores of the late 1970s. The film doesn't offer easy solutions to these issues, but it does acknowledge their impact on relationships.

Overall, The Last Married Couple in America is a smart, insightful film that still feels relevant today. It's not afraid to tackle complex issues, and it does so with a deft touch. If you're looking for a thought-provoking comedy-drama that will make you think about the nature of marriage, this is a film worth checking out.

The Last Married Couple in America
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