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This 1950s film stars Jay Silverheels and Clayton Moore. Clayton Moore portrays The Lone Ranger, also known as the Masked Rider of the Plains, and Jay Silverheels is cast as his Indian sidekick, Tonto. In this second and last theatrical adaptation of the television series Lone Ranger, five silver medallions are needed to be placed together in order to create an amulet. The amulet will show a map revealing the city of Cibola. This city is a magical lost city of gold in Indian folklore. When the medallions are placed together the Masked Rider and Tonto will see the route to the city they desire, but the central plot of the film is finding these precious medallions.

Three of the owners of these treasured medallions have been brutally murdered by mysterious masked outlaws. Having fought outlaws together all over the west, the Masked Rider and Tonto are prepared to do what ever is needed to keep the outlaws from performing further acts of violence, and save the remaining two medallion owners.

Douglas Kennedy and Noreen Nash are cast as the villains Ross Brady and Mrs. Fran Henderson. The hero of the movie, the Masked Rider, victoriously rides to save the day on his horse Silver, and of course accompanied by his companion Tonto. The Masked Rider's apparel makes it doubtless that he is the image of American heroism here, in his red neck tie, white hat, and blue suit.

This is the last film in which Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels star as companions.

| 1958 | 1 hr 21 min | 6.8/10
Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels, Douglas Kennedy, Charles Watts
Wrather Productions
Lesley Selander
Produced By
Sherman A. Harris, Jack Wrather

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