The Lost Empire

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"A Roaring Adventure with Blistering Action and Eye-Popping Women!"
  • R
  • 1984
  • 1 hr 23 min
  • 4.7  (1,600)

The Lost Empire is a 1984 action-adventure movie that showcases the journey of three gorgeous women as they fight against an evil crime syndicate, which aims to take over the world using a deadly device. Melanie Vincz, Raven De La Croix, and Angela Aames portray the lead characters in the film, each showcasing their unique set of skills, personalities, and charms.

Set in the heart of the United States, The Lost Empire begins with the introduction of Angel (Melanie Vincz), a young and beautiful martial artist who is also a licensed private detective. Angel and her partner, Sgt. Chuck (Joseph Whipp), are assigned to investigate a series of bizarre and brutal murders in the city. Their investigation leads them to Sister Theresa (Angela Aames), a nun who is in possession of a mysterious crystal artifact.

Sister Theresa reveals that the artifact is part of a larger puzzle that holds great power, which the evil crime syndicate, led by the ruthless Doctor Sin Do (Angus Scrimm), is seeking to obtain. Doctor Sin Do is a man of no remorse or conscience, who will stop at nothing to achieve his evil plan.

Angel, along with two other women, Heather (Raven De La Croix) and Samantha (Suzee Slater), form an unlikely trio of warriors ready to take on the sinister Doctor Sin Do and save the world. Heather is a beautiful and wise woman who practices ancient healing arts and is an expert in explosives, while Samantha is a street-smart and seductive jewel thief who is skilled in the art of deception.

Together, the three women embark on a dangerous and thrilling journey to retrieve the missing pieces of the crystal puzzle, which will unlock the deadly device if the crime syndicate gets their hands on it. The journey takes them to exotic locations, such as Hong Kong and Mexico, where they encounter dangerous enemies and face adrenaline-pumping challenges. Along the way, the trio uses their unique skills and intelligence to overcome obstacles and discover hidden secrets.

The Lost Empire embraces the 1980s era with its over-the-top action, hilarious moments, and eye-catching outfits. The film is a celebration of the female empowerment movement, highlighting the strength and capabilities of three women fighting for a common cause against a powerful enemy. The movie also dives into the esoteric and mystical side of the world, touching on the power of crystals and ancient artifacts.

The movie features an ensemble cast that includes popular names such as Angus Scrimm, who played the iconic Tall Man in the Phantasm series, and Paul Coufos, who appeared in popular movies such as Prediction and Running Brave.

Overall, The Lost Empire is a fun and entertaining movie that will take viewers on a wild and adventurous ride. The film's blend of action, humor, and mysticism makes it a unique addition to the genre of action-adventure movies. The trio of charismatic women, along with the charismatic 1980s vibe, adds a layer of nostalgia that will take viewers back in time to a simpler era of cinema.

The Lost Empire
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    1 hr 23 min
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    4.7  (1,600)