The Mark of Zorro

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In the 1974 film, “The Mark of Zorro,” a man known as Don Diego Dela Vega, portrayed by Frank Langella, goes to California to visit his family only to find out his father has been replaced by a vicious tyrant known as Don Luis Quintero. Even though Vega learned his expect swordsmanship in Spain, when around his family, he acts foolishly and weak to put on a front to fool the guards and the family.

By fooling those around him, he then decides to secretly disguise himself as Zorro, wielding a sword to fight for justice and to save his people from Quintero’s tyranny.

| 1974 | 1 hr 18 min | 5.9/10
Frank Langella, Ricardo Montalban, Gilbert Roland, Louise Sorel
Don McDougall
The Mark of Zorro
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Also starring Ricardo Montalban