The Match

"It's a game of two pubs!"

The Match is a comedy romance and sport drama film that was written and directed by Writer: Mick Davis. The movie features Max Beesley, James Cosmo and Isla Blair. The story follows Wullie (played by Max Beesley) who knows an enormous amount of information about soccer. He works as a milk delivery person for stern farmer called Billy Bailey (played by James Cosmo). Wullie was traumatized as a boy and has given up on most everything - including soccer. But he still loves the game and keeps tabs on all things soccer. Nonetheless, he has not and does not seem like he will ever be motivated to play the game again.

His life becomes more interesting when Billy's daughter, Rosemary (played by Laura Fraser) comes back from college and lives with her mother (played by Isla Blair) since she is separated from her father. As a result, he develops a crush on Rosemary. They start a romance which her father doesn't approve of and makes that known. But the two young lovers cannot help themselves and do everything possible to be together.

Inverdoune village has been busily preparing for their exciting and landmark 100th annual soccer match between a bunch of ne'er do wells who are managed by Big Tam (played by Ian Holm) who is Benny's Bar owner and some jocks including Gorgeous Gus (played by Richard E. Grant) who owns the hoity toity L'Bistro. Whoever loses the game will have to shut down their bar forever, so there is a lot at stake both for the town and these establishments. It does not look good for Benny's.

It gets worse when Big Tam dies. Also, Mr. Doris (played by Neil Morrissey) is a former pro player who will not lend his support and join the team. Just before the other team gets too smug, Wullie gets over his trauma and manages the team.

| 1998 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.2/10
Max Beesley, Isla Blair, James Cosmo, Laura Fraser
Universal Pictures
Mick Davis
The Match
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Also directed by Mick Davis

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