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The Miracle Landing is a 1990 American disaster film based on the real-life events of Aloha Airlines Flight 243, which suffered catastrophic structural damage during a flight in 1988. The film depicts the heroic efforts of the crew and the passengers to land the severely damaged aircraft safely on a remote island. Veteran television actress Connie Sellecca plays the role of Madeline "Mimi" Tompkins, the head flight attendant on board Aloha Airlines Flight 243. Wayne Rogers, best known for his role as Trapper John in the television series M*A*S*H, assumes the role of Captain Robert Schornstheimer. Ana Alicia, who played the role of Melissa Agretti in the television series Falcon Crest, plays the role of First Officer Maurice "Maury" Quintanilla.

The film opens with the plane's takeoff from Hilo International Airport as the crew commences the routine pre-flight checks. After reaching cruising altitude, a loud explosion rocks the aircraft and a large section of the roof tears away, exposing the passengers to the elements. The cabin crew scramble to contain the situation and tend to the wounded passengers, but the situation quickly grows dire as the plane begins to experience severe turbulence.

Captain Schornstheimer takes control of the situation and notifies the air traffic control tower in Honolulu of the emergency. As the plane begins to rapidly lose altitude, Schornstheimer steers the aircraft towards the nearest suitable landing location - a small, undeveloped airstrip on the island of Maui.

Despite the unprecedented damage to the aircraft, the crew and passengers maintain their composure and work together to prepare for a crash landing. The film depicts the struggles of the crew to keep the plane in the air as they make their final approach to the runway, and the harrowing moments as the plane careens onto the runway, coming to rest amidst a shower of sparks and debris.

The film has been praised for its realistic depiction of the events that occurred on board Aloha Airlines Flight 243. Director Dick Lowry uses a combination of special effects and actual footage from the flight to create a sense of authenticity and suspense. Performances from the cast are also lauded, with Sellecca, Rogers, and Alicia all delivering believable performances as the crew members who must face an unimaginable crisis.

Overall, The Miracle Landing is a gripping and emotional film that showcases the resilience and bravery of the crew and the passengers involved in one of the most remarkable aviation incidents in modern history. The film serves as a testament to the power of human courage and determination in the face of adversity.

The Miracle Landing
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