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  • 1995
  • 5.4  (317)

The Surrogate is a 1995 television drama movie directed by Jan Egleson and starring Connie Sellecca, Alyssa Milano, and Vincent Ventresca. The story revolves around a couple - Amy Winslow (Connie Sellecca) and her husband Tom (Vincent Ventresca) - who are unable to conceive and decide to hire a surrogate mother, Beth Whittaker (Alyssa Milano), to carry their child.

At first, Amy and Beth seem to get along fine, but Amy soon begins to feel uneasy and threatened by Beth's presence in their lives. She becomes increasingly possessive of the idea of having a biological child, and as Beth's pregnancy progresses, she starts to see her as a rival for her husband's affection.

As tensions rise between the three of them, Amy's behavior becomes more erratic and unpredictable. She starts to obsess over Beth and becomes convinced that she is trying to steal her husband away. Her fears are seemingly confirmed when Tom starts to spend more time with Beth, leaving Amy feeling even more isolated and alone.

The situation eventually reaches a breaking point, and Amy's behavior becomes dangerous and violent. As the story unfolds, we see how Amy's desire for a child becomes all-consuming, pushing her to the brink of madness.

Though the premise of The Surrogate is somewhat simple, the film is well-executed and features strong performances from all three of its leads. Sellecca is particularly impressive in her portrayal of Amy, capturing the character's descent into paranoia and instability with nuance and subtlety. Milano, meanwhile, brings depth and complexity to her role as the surrogate mother, fleshing out what could have been a one-dimensional character with genuine emotion and sensitivity.

Overall, The Surrogate is a gripping and unsettling drama that touches on themes of motherhood, obsession, and the nature of familial bonds. It is a well-paced and well-acted film that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its duration.

The Surrogate
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