The Surrogate

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This made-for-TV drama follows the harrowing adventures of a young art student, Amy Winslow, as she comes face to face with the dark secrets of her seemingly benevolent landlords. As Amy grows close to the kindly couple who have offered to share their home after she falls on hard financial times, she learns that the couple is struggling with infertility. Sympathetic Amy feels indebted to the couple who have treated her so well and agrees to carry a child for them. The procedure is a success, but as the pregnancy progresses the wife’s behavior becomes increasingly strange and possessive. When Amy uncovers a stash of old baby clothes and an incriminating video, chaos ensues as she fights to save herself and the baby to be.

1995 | | 5.8/10
Connie Sellecca, Alyssa Milano, Vincent Ventresca, Polly Bergen
Jan Egleson, Raymond Hartung
The Surrogate
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