The Mother

"It can take a lifetime to feel alive."
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The concept of "The Mother" is it is centered around a doting grandmother named May, and she lives in Northern England. Her husband dies on a family trip to London, and so decides to invest her time in her children's lives. Her children live in the city, and so she moves to a city is not all that familiar with. She is many miles away from her original house, and she feels like her life is over now. To keep herself young, she has an affair with a married man. His name is Darren, and Darren is half the age of May. Darrien is also renovating her son's home, and is her daughter's partner as well.

With all of this sex going, it is no surprise that someone will get hurt in the end. May's sexual side makes her long for something more. She eventually gets herself into trouble, and it gets to the point of no return. You will have to watch the movie to see what happens next! The film is directed by Roger Mitchell, and the film was produced by Kevin Loader. The main writer of the movie is Hanif Kureishi. The movie is 112 minutes long, and it is a British film.

The stars of the movie and their respective parts are: Anne Reid as May, Daniel Craig as Darren, Peter Vaughan as Toots, Steven Mackintosh as Bobby, Cathryn Bradshaw as Paula, daughter of Toots and May, Anna Wilson-Jones as Helen, Harry Michell as Harry, and Rosie Michell as Rosie. May is the mother of Paula and Bobby, and the window to Toots. Darren is Bobby's best friend, and Paula's love. Toots is a handyman. Harry and Rosie are Bobby and Helen's children. Helen is Bobby's estranged wife. Toots is May's husband, and Bobby and Paula's father. Bobby is the son of Toots and May, and a brother of Paulas. Paula is daughter of Toots May, and sister to Bobby.

| 2003 | 1 hr 52 min | 6.7/10 | 72/100
Anne Reid, Peter Vaughan, Anna Wilson-Jones, Daniel Craig
Roger Michell
Produced By
Kevin Loader
The Mother
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Also starring Anne Reid