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"The Epic to Finish All Epics"
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  • 1965
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The Outlaws Is Coming is a western comedy movie released in 1965. The film starred Larry Fine, Joe DeRita, and Moe Howard, who were collectively known as the Three Stooges. The Stooges are sent to the Wild West by a newspaper editor to investigate a gang of outlaws who are terrorizing the community. The film opens with the Stooges working at a newspaper office, where they are handed an assignment to investigate a group of outlaws who are creating havoc in the western territories. They are instructed to interview a lawyer named Larky, who has knowledge of the gang's activities. But, when they arrive at Larky's office, they find out that the lawyer is incompetent and has been recruited by the outlaws to legally steal land from an Indian tribe.

The Stooges are not deterred by Larky's incompetence, and they decide to investigate the case themselves. They dress up like cowboys and take a stagecoach to the Wild West to begin their mission. But, as soon as they arrive, they become the target of the outlaws' attacks.

The Stooges are resilient, and they continue their investigation despite the danger. They manage to track down the leader of the outlaws, a man named Rance Roden. Roden is a wealthy businessman who is trying to take over the land that belongs to the Indian tribe, and he is using his gang of outlaws to achieve his goals.

The Stooges devise a plan to stop the outlaws and save the Indian tribe's land. They dress up as famous historical figures like Wyatt Earp and Calamity Jane and form their own gang of outlaws to take down Roden's group. They manage to create chaos among the outlaws, leading to a final confrontation with Roden.

The Outlaws Is Coming is a typical Three Stooges comedy, filled with slapstick humor and puns. The movie may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but it provides entertainment and laughter to its audience. The movie features some interesting scenes, such as a fight scene on a train, a shootout in a saloon, and the Stooges dressing up in various costumes to thwart the outlaws.

The Outlaws Is Coming was the last feature film made by the Three Stooges. The film was directed by Norman Maurer, who was the husband of Moe Howard's daughter. The movie was initially released in black and white, but a colorized version was released in 1998.

In conclusion, The Outlaws Is Coming is a western comedy movie that provides laughter and entertainment to its viewers. The movie features the Three Stooges in their last feature film, and it is a testament to their comedic talent. The film has become a cult classic and is a must-watch for fans of the Three Stooges and slapstick comedy.

The Outlaws Is Coming
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