The Paddy Lincoln Gang

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"Life in a rock and roll band. It can turn on a knife edge."
  • 2014
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 7.9  (81)

The Paddy Lincoln Gang is an independent crime thriller movie from 2014 directed by Ben Jagger. This movie casually introduces us to the story of how four longtime friends steal for a living and the consequences they face as they try to make a big score. The movie begins with Paddy (Dean Jagger), the eldest of the four, confessing that they are in a sticky situation because of a recent heist gone wrong. This confession sets the tone for the movie, which is dark and intense. We learn that Paddy and his friends - Sharky (Joseph DiMasso), Basil (Richard Wagner), and Binks (George Katt) - have been pulling off heists for years, and their latest job might just be their last.

Paddy is the leader of the gang, a wise old man who is unfortunately in jail when we meet him. He bears the responsibility for the failed heist, which led to the arrest of his three friends. Sharky is the loose cannon, a drug addict with no moral compass, who is obsessed with making a big score. He is the catalyst for the events of the movie. Basil is an electrical engineer by profession and the brains behind the gang's operations. Binks is the muscle of the group, a tough guy with a heart of gold.

The movie is told in a non-linear fashion, with flashbacks revealing the characters' backstories and motivations. Through these flashbacks, we learn that the gang has been together since they were kids and that they have a deep bond that extends beyond their criminal activities. We see their how their friendship has been tested over the years but despite it all, they remained loyal to each other.

The tension in the movie is quite high as the viewers are kept wondering how the story is going to end. The plot takes a few unexpected turns that keep the viewers at the edge of their seats. There is also a beautiful sense of nostalgia in the movie. The flashbacks to the characters' childhoods are shot in a beautiful, warm light, giving a sense of innocence and hopefulness.

The movie's low-budget is evident in the production quality, but it also gives the movie a certain grittiness that adds to its overall atmosphere. The camera work in the movie is quite impressive. The close-up shots of the characters' faces reveal the anguish, fear, and desperation of these criminals who have been backed into a corner.

The movie touches on many moral issues, such as loyalty, friendship, betrayal, and greed. The audience cannot help but feel sympathy for these crooks, who are pulling off heists to provide for their families. The movie tends to pass some messages to the audience without actually saying the words. The sad truth is that society always seems stacked against people trying to pull themselves up, be it trying to make a living honestly or trying to make a big score once.

The Paddy Lincoln Gang is an entertaining movie that will satisfy lovers of the crime thriller genre. The movie never falls into the cliches of the genre and has quite an emotional heft in its storytelling. The performances from the actors, most of whom are relatively unknown, are commendable. Dean Jagger, in particular, brings gravitas to the role of Paddy, a man who is torn between his loyalty to his friends and his desire for freedom.

Overall, The Paddy Lincoln Gang is an excellent independent movie that impressively captures the essence of the crime genre. Although it is not perfect, it is an engaging and thrilling ride from start to finish that will satisfy lovers of the genre.

The Paddy Lincoln Gang
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    1 hr 30 min
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    7.9  (81)