The Quickie

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The Quickie (2001) is a full feature film which stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Leslie Ann Warren and Vladimir Mashkov. The film is directed by Sergey Bodrov. The total film run time is exactly 99 minutes. The movie is written by Karl Baumgartner and the screenplay is by Carolyn Cavallero. The film is a combination of drama and romance.

This film is a crime drama which tells the story of a Russian mobster who decides to retire from the life of crime after decades of living the true life of a mobster.

The Russian mobster decides to hang up his hat and retire from mob life on New Years Eve. However, it is soon revealed that the mobster is being targeted and there is a contract out on his life.

This movie demonstrates how difficult it is to live a life of crime and then have a change of heart. Essentially, once you become a gangster there is no way out. The mob members are almost like a family and you are expected to stick together always.

Dennis Bendersky plays the role of young Oleg. Oleg is the Russian mobster that joined the family while still in his late teens. Valdimir Mashkov plays the role of an older more seasoned Oleg.

At one point throughout the film Oleg even seeks spiritual advice from a parish priest on how to free himself from the mob. The part of the parish priest is played by Juan Carlos Cantu.

The parish priest gives Oleg some spiritual advice that turns out to not be much help at all. Oleg is left on his own to make some serious decisions concerning his life and future plans.

The Quickie (2001) is currently available on DVD. The film may be ordered on line or purchased at retail outlets.

| 2001 | 1 hr 39 min | 5.8/10
Brenda Bakke, Dennis Bendersky, Sergey Bodrov, John Bradford Pagano
Sergey Bodrov
The Quickie
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Also directed by Sergei Bodrov Jr.

Also starring Brenda Bakke