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  • R
  • 2001
  • 1 hr 39 min
  • 5.7  (880)

The Quickie is a 2001 drama film directed by Sergei Bodrov Jr. and starring Vladimir Mashkov, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Brenda Bakke. The movie follows the story of Alex (Mashkov), a Russian immigrant in New York City, who is unhappy with his marriage to his wife Elena (Bakke) and desperately wants to be with his mistress, massage therapist Monica (Leigh).

The film starts with Alex feeling trapped and suffocated in his mundane day-to-day life. He feels disconnected from his wife and their marriage has become stale. Elena is a successful lawyer who is always busy, and Alex is left feeling neglected and unappreciated. He starts frequenting a massage parlor where he meets Monica, a skilled therapist who provides him with the much-needed intimacy and attention he craves. Alex soon becomes obsessed with Monica and starts neglecting his duties as a husband and father, causing tension and conflict in his marriage.

As the movie progresses, we see Alex struggling with his feelings for his mistress and his loyalty to his wife, Elena. He starts lying to Elena and sneaking around behind her back to see Monica. However, their affair is not without consequences, and Alex soon finds himself at the center of a dangerous situation. One night, while visiting Monica at her apartment, they are attacked by an intruder, and Alex is forced to confront his emotions and decide which woman he truly loves.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the film is the way it realistically portrays the complexities of marriage and infidelity. Rather than portraying Alex as a heartless cheater, the film delves deeper into the root causes of his unhappiness and shows that his actions are a manifestation of his emotional pain and longing for fulfillment. Mashkov delivers a powerful performance that captures the character's inner turmoil and conflicting emotions.

Jennifer Jason Leigh's portrayal of Monica is equally impressive. Her character is not merely a seductive mistress, but a sympathetic character in her own right. She is a caring individual who genuinely cares for Alex, but also struggles with her own insecurities and fears.

Brenda Bakke also puts in a solid performance as Elena, Alex's wife. Despite her relatively brief screen time, she manages to convey the character's complexity and inner turmoil. Her portrayal of a successful lawyer whose personal life is falling apart is both realistic and poignant.

The Quickie also features some stunning cinematography, particularly in its portrayal of New York City. The film's use of light and shadow is particularly effective in creating a sense of mood and atmosphere that perfectly matches the character's emotional states.

Overall, The Quickie is a well-made drama that explores the complexities of marriage and infidelity in a realistic and nuanced manner. The performances of its lead actors and the film's stunning cinematography make it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

The Quickie
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