The Real Howard Spitz

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The Real Howard Spitz is a comedy based film that was released in 1998. The film is directed by Vadim Jean and produced by Paul Brooks. The Real Howard Spitz stars Kelsey Grammar as the lead character Howard Spitz. He starts out as an author of detective novels that aren't very successful but ends up turning to writing children's books because they sell better. He finds writing for children harder than he expected and isn't keen on talking to children, so he hires someone else to be a public speaker for him so he isn't uncomfortable at all.

| 1998 | 2 hr 13 min | 5.6/10
Kelsey Grammer, Genevieve Tessier, Joseph Rutten, Amanda Donohoe
Vadim Jean
Produced By
Paul Brooks
The Real Howard Spitz
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Also directed by Vadim Jean