"Psychological Terror Beyond Your Wildest Nightmares"
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Nightscare, also called Beyond Bedlam is based around an apartment block. Detective Terry Hamilton consults a psychiatrist named Stephanie Lyell, in hopes to solve a sequence of murders. He is horrified when discovering that Stephanie Lyell is running experiments on a guy named Marc Gilmour. He knows Marc Gilmour from a previous timeframe where he arrested Marc. During this timeframe, his mother was murdered. He finds out that Lyell has been injecting Gilmour, and herself with BFND, the experimental drug that gives Gilmour the advantage of taking over her dreams, as well as Hamilton's dreams. His goal is to provoke them with forgotten parts of their lives hoping they would kill themselves.

| 1994 | 1 hr 29 min | 3.4/10
Craig Fairbrass, Elizabeth Hurley, Keith Allen, Anita Dobson
Vadim Jean
Produced By
Paul Brooks,Tim Dennison, Alan Martin
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Also directed by Vadim Jean

Also starring Craig Fairbrass

Also starring Elizabeth Hurley