The Rebel

"Watch Out Picasso... Here Comes Tony Hancock!"
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After getting in trouble for shoplifting, 16-year-old Enza and her sister are sent away to reform school. This is a tough place to live because of the tough nuns and their strict rules. Other girls give Enza a hard time because of her virginity. Enza sets out to make a change in her status. She thinks she has fallen in love with a young man, but it is not mutual.

Enza goes back to her home to visit and meets Franchino. He is a lot better for her than the other boy. He treats her with high respect. Enza has a serious dilemma to face, as the result of her intimacy. She has a major decision to face. She must decide what to do as the clock runs out.

1993 | 1 min | 5.3/10
Penélope Cruz, Stefano Dionisi, Lorenza Indovina, Marco Leonardi
Aurelio Grimaldi
The Rebel
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Also starring Stefano Dionisi