The Snitch Cartel

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  • R
  • 2013
  • 1 hr 21 min
  • 6.3  (1,331)

The Snitch Cartel is a gripping crime drama that takes a look into the world of drug trafficking in Colombia. The movie is based on true events and tells the story of two childhood friends, Martin and Pepe, who rise to power in the drug cartel world, only to eventually turn on each other. The movie opens with a young Martin and Pepe becoming involved with the drug trade in their neighborhood. They start out as small-time dealers, selling drugs on street corners, but they soon catch the attention of the local cartel bosses. The two friends quickly climb the ladder of success in the cartel world, becoming powerful drug lords themselves.

As the two friends become more and more successful, they start to drift apart. Pepe becomes increasingly ruthless and cruel, whereas Martin begins to question the morality of their actions. This conflict eventually leads to a major falling out between the two friends.

The Snitch Cartel is a well-written and well-acted movie. Manolo Cardona delivers a powerful performance as Martin, the conflicted drug lord who eventually decides to betray his former friend. Juana Acosta is also excellent as Sofia, Martin's love interest who becomes caught up in the dangerous world of drugs.

Diego Cadavid is chilling as Pepe, the ruthless drug lord who is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain his power. His performance is particularly effective in showing the character's descent into madness and paranoia as his empire starts to crumble around him.

One of the strengths of The Snitch Cartel is its attention to detail in depicting the drug trade in Colombia. The movie is set against the backdrop of real events that took place in the country during the late 1990s and early 2000s, and it shows the brutal violence and corruption that characterized the drug trade at that time.

The action scenes in the movie are also well-executed, with tense shootouts and thrilling car chases that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. There are also several emotional moments in the movie, particularly in the scenes between Martin and Sofia, that add depth to the characters and make the audience care about their fates.

Overall, The Snitch Cartel is an intense and gritty crime drama that provides a fascinating look into the world of drug trafficking in Colombia. With strong performances from its cast, a compelling story, and excellent production values, it is a must-see for fans of the genre.

The Snitch Cartel
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    6.3  (1,331)