The Son of Robin Hood

Fans of Robin Hood movies may enjoy The Son of Robin Hood. It is a 1958 movie with an interesting take on the Robin Hood legend. David Hedison, June Laverick and David Farrar star in the movie. The new villain in this version of the story is Duke Simon Des Roches (Farrar). The evil Duke is planning to seize control of the kingdom. The locals enlist the aid of the son of the legendary Robin Hood, but this ends up in a big disappointment. The son turns out to be a fake. When they finally track down the real son of Robin Hood they are surprised to find that he is a she. Deering Hood (June Laverick) helps to save the day and defeat the evil Duke.

| 1959 | 1 hr 21 min | 4.7/10
David Hedison, June Laverick, David Farrar, Marius Goring
George Sherman
The Son of Robin Hood
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Also starring June Laverick